The Elementalist

It's a trap!

While traveling back to Winter Gate a ragged looking individual stopped the party and begged for help saying, “They have taken the women and children captive. Please, sirs, help us!”

Once lead to the small fishing village the party was ambushed by a group of cultists and a powerful sorceress. This dark beauty demanded that the party hand over the Black Book. They, of course, had no intention of doing this. The party vanquished the cultists without issue, but the sorceress had a surprise ready for them. She opened a blood portal and began summoning all kinds of evil things into this world. Christian immediately set to work on analyzing the portal and trying to disable it, while simultaneously keeping everyone where he felt they should be. He could not act quickly enough, however, and a large Tembo stepped through the portal.

Malindin set to work right away and immediately got the beast’s attention. Christian doubled his efforts to disable the portal and Aburi lent his arcane expertise to the task. The Tembo proved to be a tough adversary and the party had to work together to bring the evil beast under control. Lion used the stone that he had been given to him, bringing Mikhall to the fight and evening the odds. From here on everyone did their part. Malindin kept the attention. Aburi, Caleatha and Mikhall poured on the pain and Lion kept everyone up. All while Christian disabled the portal.

In the end the beast was slain and the sorceress bled her last surviving follower to travel back through the portal and close it. The blast from the portal closing was so forceful that the last thing anyone remembers is a bright red light.

Down We Go

Once inside the adventures had to fight their way through man-sized bats, zombies and traps. They learned of Nulis Fletcher and his turn from an elementalist to a litch. With a sneaking suspicion that things were going to get worse before they got better the heroes pushed on.

In the final room, the great room, of this complex the party initially thought that they were being greeted by Nulis. With astute observations the party quickly discerned that this was all an illusion. They were able to best the litch and break the dream state.

Zul Tezad, as he called himself, lit the room with arcane fire and brought forth a massive hulk of an undead creature. Before the party could act a paladin appeared and took on the hulk and Zul Tezad, leaving the party to fend off the skeletal army that now appeared just beyond the fire.

Once the skeletons were reduced to piles of bone, a sarcophagus appeared on the other side of the room. Most of our adventures believed this to be the litch’s phylactery. Caleatha quickly noticed the arcane markings glowing in a circle around the, presumed, phylactery. Christian advised that there was nothing that he could do about the circle, that the party would just have to deal with whatever was waiting for them.

After crossing the boundary, the guards appeared. Summoned forth were some Tar Devils, a couple of Evistros and a sentient Fireball. You know, just the welcoming party. Our heroes made quick work of these “guards” and were able to open the sarcophagus. The scream from Zul Tezad was mind-shattering. With this he vanished. To their dismay there was only a black book inside the sarcophagus, which reeked of evil. Lion took charge and inspected the book, securing it until he could get some questions answered.

Makhall then appeared and revealed that the Paladin, this Kargoth, was actually an undead and a lost soul. He then instructed Kargoth that it was time to meet The Queen. With this, Mikhall’s new path was known.

After being asked his opinion, Mikhall suggested that Lion bring the Black Book to The Brotherhood in Winter Gate. The party decided that reporting back was the best course. Maybe someone in the city will know more about Nulis Fletcher, Zul Tezad, Kargoth and this evilly rank Black Book.


When our heroes arrive at their desired location they notice that someone or something has been living there. Yetis. To make matters worse the party had to deal with icy terrain. Aburi and Mal both fell on their ass more than once. Aburi even managed to let the ice make a fool of him by burying his head in the snow on one such slip. Neither the Yetis, nor the ice, were too much for Caleatha. She managed to put all for yetis down with her greatbow.

Inside the cave the party discovered a small hoard of items and gold that the Yetis had accumulated from their victims. Among this hoard was also an Elf, Christian. Christian was laying face down, unconscious, and his hands were bound. After being freed Christian decides to join the party, realizing that his only way out is in.


We start where the adventures last left off. Exiting the mansion of Barron Overbeck the party is “greeted” by the armies that have just destroyed the scourge in Delton. The armies, lead by Lord Commander Kent, are about to attack when Capt Alian, with others, stands up and vouches for them. The adventures are afforded the opportunity to tell their tale. Lord Kent sends word of what has transpired to his liege lord, Lord Dardan White, the King of the North.

In the time that passes the adventures assist in reestablishing the Barony of Dalton. Captain Brakkard was promoted to Commander and, with the assistance of Grimfaeld, established the new standing army of Delton. Mallenon assists with the armies as well, training the rangers and scouts.

When the party is summoned north, Brakkard, Grim and Mallenon choose to stay behind. The adventures part ways, for the time being, and Caleatha, Lion and Mikhall head north to Winter Gate.

Upon arrival our party is summoned to court. They are brought before Lord White to share their tail. Courtesies are exchanged and after hearing what Calaetha, Lion and Mikhall have to say, Lord White dismisses Mikhall to a Bother of the Order. He then asks them to investigate the source of a scourge that has been plaguing his land for some time. Lord White offers two of his own men to join. (Aburi and Malindin) He also offered tokens of good faith. (Bags of Holding and Cloaks of Survival +2, for all party members)

As Aburi, Cat, Lion and Mal are becoming acquainted, Mikhall returns. Mikhall hurriedly hands Lion a black stone, saying “When you are truly in need, rub this and help will appear.” With that Mikhall again leaves the party with a Brother. Our party is provided with information, including a map, on the source of the scourge from an advisor to Lord White.

With this our heroes set off.


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