The Elementalist

Down We Go

Once inside the adventures had to fight their way through man-sized bats, zombies and traps. They learned of Nulis Fletcher and his turn from an elementalist to a litch. With a sneaking suspicion that things were going to get worse before they got better the heroes pushed on.

In the final room, the great room, of this complex the party initially thought that they were being greeted by Nulis. With astute observations the party quickly discerned that this was all an illusion. They were able to best the litch and break the dream state.

Zul Tezad, as he called himself, lit the room with arcane fire and brought forth a massive hulk of an undead creature. Before the party could act a paladin appeared and took on the hulk and Zul Tezad, leaving the party to fend off the skeletal army that now appeared just beyond the fire.

Once the skeletons were reduced to piles of bone, a sarcophagus appeared on the other side of the room. Most of our adventures believed this to be the litch’s phylactery. Caleatha quickly noticed the arcane markings glowing in a circle around the, presumed, phylactery. Christian advised that there was nothing that he could do about the circle, that the party would just have to deal with whatever was waiting for them.

After crossing the boundary, the guards appeared. Summoned forth were some Tar Devils, a couple of Evistros and a sentient Fireball. You know, just the welcoming party. Our heroes made quick work of these “guards” and were able to open the sarcophagus. The scream from Zul Tezad was mind-shattering. With this he vanished. To their dismay there was only a black book inside the sarcophagus, which reeked of evil. Lion took charge and inspected the book, securing it until he could get some questions answered.

Makhall then appeared and revealed that the Paladin, this Kargoth, was actually an undead and a lost soul. He then instructed Kargoth that it was time to meet The Queen. With this, Mikhall’s new path was known.

After being asked his opinion, Mikhall suggested that Lion bring the Black Book to The Brotherhood in Winter Gate. The party decided that reporting back was the best course. Maybe someone in the city will know more about Nulis Fletcher, Zul Tezad, Kargoth and this evilly rank Black Book.



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