The Elementalist

It's a trap!

While traveling back to Winter Gate a ragged looking individual stopped the party and begged for help saying, “They have taken the women and children captive. Please, sirs, help us!”

Once lead to the small fishing village the party was ambushed by a group of cultists and a powerful sorceress. This dark beauty demanded that the party hand over the Black Book. They, of course, had no intention of doing this. The party vanquished the cultists without issue, but the sorceress had a surprise ready for them. She opened a blood portal and began summoning all kinds of evil things into this world. Christian immediately set to work on analyzing the portal and trying to disable it, while simultaneously keeping everyone where he felt they should be. He could not act quickly enough, however, and a large Tembo stepped through the portal.

Malindin set to work right away and immediately got the beast’s attention. Christian doubled his efforts to disable the portal and Aburi lent his arcane expertise to the task. The Tembo proved to be a tough adversary and the party had to work together to bring the evil beast under control. Lion used the stone that he had been given to him, bringing Mikhall to the fight and evening the odds. From here on everyone did their part. Malindin kept the attention. Aburi, Caleatha and Mikhall poured on the pain and Lion kept everyone up. All while Christian disabled the portal.

In the end the beast was slain and the sorceress bled her last surviving follower to travel back through the portal and close it. The blast from the portal closing was so forceful that the last thing anyone remembers is a bright red light.



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